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eyeExplain Video Sketch…. The best way to convey your message to your audience. By using a combination of whiteboard illustration, animation and videography to promote your business, product or ideas.

Videos with handwritten drawings that tell a story.

A type of video that helps your audience to remember things – better and for longer. Watching a VideoSketch is a multisensory experience, which results in much better understanding and retention.

The question is – what can we sketch for you?

Creating desire in the audience, and then showing how your ideas fill that desire, moves people to adopt your perspective. This is the heart of your story for our VideoSketch© video’s.

eyeExplain VideoSketch: Explain everything in 30 seconds…Hubert Caris
eyeExplain TatooGirl

Hold out for a hero.

Your hero might be your customer….
Or your hero might be Brains in your IT department…
Your hero might be a teacher, it might be you!

Shout about what makes you special.

It may take a little bit of digging to define your unique selling point (USP). But it can be the difference between mediocrity and magnificence.

Central concepts; Simplicity, voice and clarity.

Contact eyeExplain© to communicate your message with our VideoSketch© service in a catchy and clear way.
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It’s time to get your story heard.

Sketch it boldly all over the internet, all over the planet. You want to make a difference!

Let eyeExplain© write your story on the digital walls.

maybe you are the best at something obvious: value, quality or customer service, congratulations! You have a clear USP to shout from the rooftops.

Define your promise and make it your slogan.

Proclaim it loud and clear. And deliver! Know your audience. Know your purpose.

About eyeExplain©

eyeExplain© is an ‘animated video’ and ‘explainer video’ production company based in the Netherlands. We emphasize the importance of having an engaging and compelling Explainer video or Animated Whiteboards on websites and social media to attract more customers and increase sales.

eyeExplain.com and VideoSketch is a concept by Qosmioalpha Multimedia® a film production company, and ID illustrated®, a design, illustration and animation company. We are specializing in the production of explainer videos, whiteboard animations, motion graphics, and video production for the web.

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About VideoSketch© service.

You have 5-6 seconds to grab the attention of your website or social media page visitors. VideoSketch service is about making Animated Whiteboard Videos that will keep your customers engaged while explaining your business benefits, your ideas or product.

You will attract more customers and increase sales when you take advantage of our VideoSketch© video’s on social media and video sites like YouTube.

Every VideoSketch is uniquely made and comes with hand drawn illustrations, soundtrack and optional voice-over. See product specifications for more options.
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English and Dutch language

Request a VideoSketch© quote.

Requesting a quote for a VideoSketch is easy! Just give us a few clues about you and what you want and we get back to you within a day.
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eyeExplain© product specifications VideoSketch or Animation

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  • Standard VideoSketch
  • starting at €995*
  • 30 - 60 seconds video
  • Includes: Briefing - Concept - Script - Soundtrack (stock) - Standard hand drawn illustrations - Animation 1080p
  • *VAT excluded


  • Business VideoSketch
  • starting at €1.299*
  • 60 - 120 seconds video
  • Includes: All of Basic-30 - Choose your illustration style - Voice over
  • *VAT excluded


  • Custom VideoSketch or Video Animation
  • Request a Quote
  • Any length up to 5 minutes
  • Options: - e.g. all of Full-60 + - Combine with live video - Unique soundtrack - Full Animation - Corporate trailer
“Today, more and more people are first turning to the web looking for business and service providers before selecting the right one for them. VideoSketch video’s are the most effective way you can have your business in front of your prospects”.Hubert Caris